Apple ThunderBolt To eSATA Adapters

External Serial ATA Interface - eSATA ThunderBolt adapters and converters are likely to be very popular. Because eSATA is already such a direct high-speed interface to Serial ATA hard drives and SSD Solid-State drives - it's going to be one of the best high-performance and low-overhead ThunderBolt converter interfaces for backup drives and external storage.

LaCie eSATA ThunderBolt Hub

Dual Port eSATA to TBolt

SATA III drives can achieve maximum data transfer rates with a direct eSATA connection. The LaCie hub features dual eSATA and Dual daisy-chainable ThunderBolt ports for connecting additional TBolt devices. As with many ThunderBolt accessories, the cable is sold separately.

Kanex eSATA + ThunderBolt Adapter

With USB 3.0 Port

Computer technology company Kanex seems to be agressively pursuing the ThunderBolt device market. They were one of the first to offer 3rd party ThunderBolt cables, and now are offerinng a ThunderBolt eSATA and Gigabit Ethernet adapter as well.

Akitio ThunderBolt Drive Hub

USB 3.0 - eSATA - FireWire 800

Akitio offers one of the best ThunderBolt adapter solutions with it's multi-interface hub that has pairs of USB 3.0, FireWire 800 and eSATA ports to allow you to connect and convert a decade's worth of legacy drive storage products to a modern Mac with a ThunderBolt port.

Apple's latest ThunderBolt MacBooks introduced ThunderBolt port computers to the marketplace. This was followed by new ThunderBolt port Mac mini and iMac with DUAL ThunderBolt ports on the 27" models and a single port on the 23.5" base model.

With the exception of the Macintosh Pro tower, Apple has rolled out ThunderBolt Mac models across its entire product lineup. There are already MILLIONS of ThunderBolt-capable computers out there to spur the market for ThunderBolt hubs, multi-port converters, hard drives, adapters and peripherals.

There's likely to be a healthy market for eSATA ThunderBolt adapters and converters to bridge existing eSATA interface external hard drives to the new ThunderBolt aka LightPeak ports. When eSATA drive enclosures and docks with 6Gbps SATA III drives are used you can leverage the most of ThunderBolt's full 10GBps potential. SATA III - 6Gbps drives, docks and adapters make best use of the available bandwidth without the overhead of bridging to USB 3.0 or FireWire.