Apple ThunderBolt Dock Adapter and Hub Accessories

A ThunderBolt device sharing hub or docking station offers the prospect of multiple interfaces and device support and expansion through a single self-powered ThunderBolt cable. Especially for ThunderBolt enabled MacBook owners, the prospect of a ThunderBolt hub docking station can offer easy, single-cable connectivity at your desktop to a wide variety of computer peripherals and accessories -- and a quick 1-cable disconnect when taking your Mac laptop on the road.

*NEW* - ThunderBolt 2 Drive Dockl

With 4K Video Monitor Support

Akitio is now shipping a 2nd-generation, 20Gbps ThunderBolt 2 Drive dock station.

Akitio ThunderBolt Drive Dock

USB 3.0 - FireWire 800 - eSATA

Focusing more on storage interfaces, Akitio's ThunderBolt Hub brings SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports, eSATA connectors and FireWire 800 interface to a daisy-chainable dual-ThunderBolt docking device. It's a great way to preserve your investment in exisiting legacy storage devices and consolidate them into the ThunderBolt future. FYI: It's also ThunderBolt II compatible insuring it's future as the ThunderBolt spec evolves.

Best ThunderBolt Hub

*NEW* - ThunderBolt 2 Station

2nd-Gen ThunderBolt 2 Hub

CalDigit ThunderBolt Hub

Dual Chainable Ports

CalDigit's ThunderBolt Station is a multi-port hub featuring dual pass through ThunderBolt ports for daisy chaining, three USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Ports, Very high resolution HDMI video, Gigabit Ethernet and 3.5mm Audio Input and Output jacks in a compact aluminum enclosure. Comes in versions bundled with a SHORT .5m cable - or optionally order a separate, longer TBolt cable if your setup requires it. Currently the fullest-featured lowest-cost ThunderBolt Hub / Dock available. CalDigit recently released a software update to support iOS device charging, and better support for Apple USB keyboard and USB SuperDrive devices.

Other Shipping ThunderBolt Hubs

*NEW* ThunderBolt 2 Dock

With 4K Monitor Support

Now Shipping: ElGato's revised, 2nd-generation ThunderBolt 2 multi-interface docking station offers dual 20GBps ThunderBolt 2 ports and 4K monitor support.

ElGato ThunderBolt Hub

High-Power USB Device Charging

ElGato just announced their entry into the market with a design that includes TWO ThunderBolt ports for more versatile pass-through use. Along with audio in/out, dual USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ports, HDMI monitor, and Gigabit Ethernet. Note: Models with or without needed ThunderBolt cable are offered, depending on whether you have the requisite cable.

Matrox ThunderBolt Dock

HDMI Display Port Version

NOTE: Matrox offers TWO VERSIONS of the DS1 ThunderBolt device sharing dock - One for connecting a HDMI display: (DS1/HDMI) shown above - and another model for connecting to a DVI interface display: (DS1/DVI) . It also has ports for 1/8" audio In and Out, A USB 3.0 port, Dual USB 2.0 speed ports, and an RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet port. Note it only has a SINGLE ThunderBolt input port so it may not be ideal for your particular setup.

Belkin recently REVISED the specs from USB 2.0 to USB 3.0 support on it's $249 ThunderBolt multiport hub device and finally started shipping it's long-awaited ThunderBolt hub device.

Belkin ThunderBolt Express Dock

8 Various Device Ports Total

Multiport Belkin ThunderBolt Hub
The Belkin ThunderBolt Hub / Dock has three USB 3.0 ports (upgraded from USB 2.0 when first announced) in addition to eSATA, FireWire 800, ThunderBolt Pass-Thru, Gigabit Ethernet and Analog audio jacks as well. It really will be a Does-It-All TBolt docking station for nearly anything you could possibly want to plug into it.

Hubs For ThunderBolt Accessories : A Misnomer A ThunderBolt 'Hub' is technically the wrong name for device sharing hardware. USB which port sharing hubs for multiple computer peripherals in contention - with each device slugging it out for it's turn to transmit or receive data. Instead, ThunderBolt (like SCSI or FireWire) is a Daisy-Chain topology where each device exists in a sequence. That's why most ThunderBolt accessories have a pair of connectors for In and Out. The best simplistic analogy might be to imagine a USB hub like a 4-Way Stop where each device has to pause and negotiate who's turn it is, whereas a chain of ThunderBolt devices is more like a flowing highway Interstate where data smoothly enters the flow of traffic like a freeway on or off ramp when each computer device needs access.

ThunderBolt Drive Docks

The closest thing we have to ThunderBolt drive dock products are the ThunderBolt Adapters for GoFlex and Backup Plus Hard Drives from Seagate. They ship a variety of docking trays for the 2.5" laptop line, and docking bases for the 3.5" Backup Plus and GoFlex desktop drive models.

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