Apple ThunderBolt Adapters For Audio and Video

Apple and Intel's ThunderBolt port is ideal for high-speed, high-resolution 4K video data and HD monitor support. As such it's very appealing to high-end Video and Audio editing markets.

ThunderBolt Video And Audio Adapter Products

Blackmagic Design Thunderbolt

Intensity Shuttle
Black Magic ThunderBolt

HDMI and Analog Capture
Blackmagic Design ThunderBolt Ultrastudio 3D

Video Capture and Playback

Apple ThunderBolt Accessories For Audio and Video

The Apple video editing and Mac music recording market is keenly interested in Apple compatible Thunderbolt port gear. For video, the insane amount of storage needed for long, high-definition 1080p uncompressed HD video is staggering - and a great match for TBolt's bandwidth.

The same can be said for the Music industry who need zero-to-no latency bandwidth that ThunderBolt audio accessories can deliver - as well as ample storage solutions to store samples, instruments, loops and edits. A few A/V companies have announced Apple compatible ThunderBolt video and music production accessory options that are hitting the market: The AJA Video IO XT Professional Thunderbolt I/O for video capture and playback and the currrently shipping:

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